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  Pitched Roof and Walkway Cover and Canopy Systems

pitched aluminum walkway with pitched pavilion at the end

tall aluminum pitched roof with pitched cover systems on both sides

pitched roof in aluminum walkway systemWhether gable style or sloped, pitched roof walkway covers add a distinctive flare to any site. With thousands of projects completed, our focused team of designers will work with you to bring your ideas to reality. We specialize in providing customized solutions to your design requirements with quality materials and workmanship.

slanted aluminum walkway with pitched roof Perfection Walkway Cover and Canopy Systems are equipped with the original, Rigid Roll Lock Deck System. Recognizing a need for dependable deck systems in 1993 Perfection developed the original Rigid Roll Lock Extruded Aluminum Roof Deck. The performance of the Deck Locking System is often over looked. Perfection’s Rigid Roll Lock design insures that the deck components are securely attached to each other, eliminating potential installation errors and providing years of maintenance free service. Our Rigid Roll Lock canopy systems have withstood the winds of Florida’s toughest hurricanes. Other canopy deck systems are wedge locked or crimped together. These other designs allow for installation errors that won’t be seen until the canopy is put to test by high wind force. Insure the long life of your project; don’t settle for anything but
Perfection Rigid Roll Lock Deck Systems.

Walkway Cover Systems are project specific. They are engineered to withstand high winds, snow and the loads mandated by your local building code. We provide shop drawings signed and sealed with calculations from a state certified structural engineer for all of the structures we fabricate. Perfection Walkway Cover Systems are available in standard and custom finishes. Select your finish based on the project location, finish durability and color selection. Click here to see a list of available finishes for all Perfection Architectural System products.

different types of aluminum pitched roof cover systems

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