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  Green Initiatives

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Perfection.jpgWhy Build Green?

The EPA reports that In the United States, buildings account for:
39 percent of total energy used
12 percent of the total water consumption
68 percent of total electricity consumption
38 percent of the carbon dioxide emissions

The construction industry has a vast impact on the natural environment, human health, and the economy. By adopting green building strategies, we can maximize both economic and environmental performance. Green construction methods can be integrated into buildings at any stage, from design and construction, to renovation and deconstruction. However, the most significant benefits can be obtained if the design and construction team takes an integrated approach from the earliest stages of a building project. 

Perfection Architectural fully endorses this challenge.  At the heart of all our projects
is the one of the most reusable, recyclable, building materials available today.  That material is aluminum.

Lifecycle Building
Also known as design for disassembly and design for deconstruction, lifecycle thinking encourages creating buildings that provide resources for future buildings. Building material recovery and reuse reduces energy and resource consumption.

Why Lifecycle Building?

  • More of the 100 million tons of building-related construction and demolition debris are sent to landfills in the United States each year.
  • Construction and demolition debris comprises about 40 percent of the solid waste stream.
  • Reusing building components reduces the energy and greenhouse gases emissions associated with producing and transporting building materials.
  • Between the years 2000 and 2030, an estimated 27 percent of existing buildings will be replaced, and 50 percent of the total building stock will be constructed.

Fully, supporting Lifecycle Building Perfection Architectural Systems are made of 99% extruded aluminum material which is completely recyclable and reusable. Many of our architectural systems are designed to be disassembled without destruction and reassemble at new locations.  Eighty percent of aluminum used in construction is recycled at some point in the life of the project. Nearly, all of the Perfection aluminum canopies ever produced are still being used today.

greener living for familiesCommitted to providing a greener world for our families and children,
We fully recognize the significance of reducing impacts on our delicate environment. We focus on maximizing environmental opportunities in our manufacturing processes and material ordering operations.

It all starts with our raw material vendors.  With aluminum being 100% recyclable, we search for and use only qualified vendors with documented recycling policies and material content. All of our canopy component suppliers use an excess of 60% recycled aluminum. These vendors also have aluminum smelting capabilities which can save as much as 95% of the initial energy required to produce it.

Our material orders are carefully analyzed to determine proper raw material lengths to prevent wasted material.  Excess material scrap is reduced through our exclusive Perfection Data Management material ordering process. All scrap aluminum is shipped back to designated aluminum recycling processing plants, where it is then converted back into useable shapes of aluminum, eliminating the impact on our landfills.

Our employees are encouraged and eager to be evolved in our planets’ future through Energy Conservation, Green Building, Recycling, and Community Volunteering.



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