Aluminum is considered to be today’s material of choice and is used in a wide range of industries and applications. The popularity of aluminum is due to its extensive list of favorable qualities such as its high strength-to-weight ratio, durability, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity, impressive resistance to corrosion, low manufacturing costs, and aesthetically pleasing appearance.  Furthermore, aluminum extrusions are considered to be 100% recyclable, which is becoming a growing concern in today’s “eco-friendly” society.

Because of the attributes inherent in aluminum, this material offers versatility to designers and engineers in all market sectors, from building and construction to engineered transportation products. Aluminum can be manufactured into a variety of shapes, angles, channels, beams, tubing, and profiles through the process of extrusion. Aluminum extrusions are used in a plethora of structural applications such as window frames, lighting fixtures, light poles, awnings, decorative trim on buildings, pavilions, and solar framing solutions.

The professionals at Perfection Architectural Systems take advantage of the versatility of aluminum to create suspended canopies, flat canopies, walkway covers, awnings, pitched roofs, sunshades, solar framing, pavilions, trellises, and carports. If you are looking to enhance your commercial property with an extruded aluminum solution, please call Perfection Architectural Systems today at 1(800)238-7207!