Aluminum Canopies: Avoid Winter Weather Damage to Your Business

Ice, snow, sleet and freezing rain are just a few of the wearying weather elements that winter brings. Ice and snow can build up on your doorstep, making it inconvenient and even dangerous for people to come in and out. Freezing rain and sleet seem to soak right through your skin, leaving you cold and miserable for the rest of the day. If you have aluminum canopies installed over your business’s doors and windows, you and your customers can avoid the harsh weather elements and remain safe and warm.


Investing in a canopy or awning can bring a plethora of benefits to business owners.  Aluminum canopies double as advertisements when enhanced with brand names and logos, helping to bring curb appeal and recognition to your business. Commercial window canopies can shield window panes from weather damage during ice storms and blustery days. Having a commercial canopy installed over the entrance of your business will also help you to save money on energy costs during the summer months. You may not even need to board your windows or take any additional steps to protect your property in the event of a major weather incident, such as a hurricane.

As people naturally seek out shelter during inclement weather conditions, potential clients may end up congregating under your business’s aluminum canopy. Patrons attempting to exit or enter your establishments will be able to better recover from and prepare for unexpected snowfalls or downpours. Lower your liability risks by providing a safe and clear pathway that allows everyone on your property to maintain sure footing.

Business canopies can even make life easier for you and your employees. Salt sticks to concrete for longer periods of time when moisture is eliminated. Your workers will no longer need to shovel, salt and clear pathways as frequently with the addition of a stylish aluminum canopy. Increase productivity levels by reducing the amount of time your staff has to devote to weather related tasks.

The list of style options available for aluminum canopies is almost endless. Business owners can select from multiple materials, colors, styles and customization options to make a commercial canopy that captures their company’s brand and vision. Their primary purpose may be to help provide protection from harsh weather, but their secondary benefits are just as attractive. Make sure that you are properly prepared for the upcoming winter months by exploring your commercial and window canopy options. Contact Perfection Architectural Systems today and stay one step ahead of the weather.


A Cost Effective Way to Cool Your Business

Energy bills can become expensive and excessive for business owners. One of the most efficient forms of energy cost reduction comes from what is known as dynamic shading. According to the European Solar Shading Organization, canopies and awnings can help to significantly reduce energy costs by blocking solar energy. Fixtures are available for both windows and doors to assist in controlling interior temperatures.  In particular, aluminum awnings are effective at preventing heat from entering structures. Business owners who take advantage of this simple and impressive money saving method are better able to estimate and manage future energy costs.


Other perks of having aluminum awnings include gaining the ability to protect the exterior of your business from harsh weather. Rain, wind, snow and sleet can wear away at the exterior of a building. Energy efficient awnings can help to minimize the effects of unsavory weather conditions, as well as helping business owners to further drive their expenses down. These factors should help companies considering various energy reducing methods to come to a well-informed final decision.

Another advantage to installing aluminum awnings at your business location is the enhanced curb appeal that accompanies them. Since business awnings can be customized with company names and logos, business owners in certain industries may attract wider customer base with their implementation. All business owners can benefit by finding different direct advertising methods that work to draw in more customers.


Commercial canopies, too, offer energy savings to businesses, and they also can be used for weather proofing purposes. Businesses hosting outdoor events or looking to establish new communal areas regularly install canopies to keep their clients and workers cooler during warmer months. Consequently, indoor energy usage rates should naturally decline, as more people will decide to convene outside.  Canopies can also reduce rain and sun damage to your building’s exterior. These are just some of the ways that installing aluminum awnings and commercial canopies can help to save on overall energy costs.

Aluminum awnings and commercial canopies are affordable and efficient energy solutions for business owners. The costs associated with commercial canopy and aluminum awning installation can be quickly offset by way of future energy savings. Businesses seeking to cut spending should invest in aluminum awnings rather than spending vast amounts on centralized cooling and heating systems. Choose an energy savings method that virtually pays for itself within a short period of time. Learn more about our aluminum awnings today.


The Lifecycle of Recycled Building Materials

Perfection Architectural Systems takes pride in the fact that we use aluminum, a highly recycled and reused building material in our building process. By preventing useful building materials from contributing to landfills, we are reducing waste and contributing to a greener, cleaner world for generations to come. We also use careful analysis and specific measurements when ordering our materials, which helps ensure the proper amount so that there is minimal waste – and all of our scrap materials are sent to area recycling facilities to be converted back into usable materials for future projects.

Many builders are now turning to dismantling buildings and reusing materials for other building projects in the community to save on costs. Our goal is to make the use of building materials increasingly efficient and sustainable. Preventing useful materials from being sent to the landfill permanently has both short-term and long-term benefits. Short-term, recycling and reusing eliminates the need for new, costly building materials, thus reducing expenses. And long-term, we are helping decrease the growth of landfills, which are known to contribute to environmental pollutants such as methane, known to cause cardiovascular issues. Companies are also deconstructing homes and buildings and donating previously used materials to charitable organizations such as Habitat for Humanity. Not only is this process inexpensive and beneficial, it’s also extremely eco-friendly. And what better way to give back to the community than to help provide homes to those who really need them.

Let Perfection Architectural Systems help you with your next building project. Contact us today to learn more about how Perfection Architectural Systems supports lifecycle building for a greener tomorrow. If you have any questions regarding our materials or our reuse and recycling tactics, please call us at (407) 671-6225 or fill out our “Quick Contact” form and we’ll be happy to assist you.


Why Build Green?

In the United States, the EPA reports that buildings account for 39% of total energy used, 12% of the total water consumption, 68% of total electricity consumption and 38% of the carbon dioxide emissions. That’s why it’s so important that we all begin building in more efficient, “greener” ways in order to reduce waste and save precious energy for a cleaner world.

The construction industry has an enormous impact on the natural environment, human health and the economy. Green building strategies can help to make economic and environmental performance more effective. That’s why the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System was created. LEED is an internationally recognized program that helps builders identify and implement practical green building design features, and also provides maintenance instruction. The certification program uses third-parties to verify builders are using environmentally sustainable practices.

Building greener begins with using recyclable materials. Perfection Architectural Systems fully endorses the greener building challenge with our use of aluminum, which is one of the most reusable, recyclable building materials available at this time. Because aluminum is 100% recyclable, it can be used again, for another building after being torn down. Aluminum can be reshaped into different designs for subsequent building projects with minimal waste. Not only is aluminum more economic and environmentally friendly, but it is also extremely durable and sustainable, and that allows for minimal maintenance repairs.

Choose Perfection Architectural Systems for your commercial aluminum walkway cover project to help ensure that you will have minimal maintenance and minimal impact on the environment. We stand behind our commitment of quality materials and superior customer service. For more information about our products and services, our green initiatives or LEED information, please call us at (407) 671-6225 and we will be happy to assist you.

What is Lifecycle Building?

Also known as design for disassembly and design for deconstruction, lifecycle building encourages creating buildings that provide resources for future buildings.  Building material recovery and reuse reduces energy and resource consumption.

Lifecycle building is used because more than 100 million tons of building-related construction and demolition debris are sent to landfills in the United States each year. Reusing building components reduces the energy and greenhouse gases emissions associated with producing and transporting building materials.

Perfection Architectural Systems are in compliance with lifecycle building using 99% of aluminum-extruded material, which is completely recyclable and reusable. We are committed to not only providing the best quality materials and workmanship, but also to responsible, green building practices. About 80% of aluminum used in construction is recycled at some point in the life of the project.  Nearly all of the Perfection aluminum walkway covers ever produced are still being used today, and will be reused tomorrow.

Responsible building practices start with ordering the right amount of materials so there’s less unused or discarded supplies. Perfection’s material orders are carefully analyzed to determine proper raw material lengths to prevent wasted material.  Excess scrap is reduced through our exclusive Perfection Data Management material ordering process.  All scrap aluminum is shipped back to designated aluminum recycling processing plants, where it’s then converted back into useable shapes of aluminum, eliminating the impact on our landfills.

As an industry leader, Perfection Architectural Systems exemplifies its commitment to environmental stewardship through lifecycle building with our walkway covers canopies and aluminum sunshades. We are proud that sustainability is one of our core values, and we share that value among our employee culture.

If lifecycle building is important to you and your company, and you have an upcoming project, please call us at 800-238-7207 and learn more about all of our green initiatives, LEED certification, our sustainable products and services, and most importantly what best fits your needs.

Reusing Aluminum

Did you know that between the years of 2000 and 2030 about 27 percent of existing buildings will be replaced? Most of the building materials and debris will end up in our landfills, adding to a growing problem of pollution. Obviously, contributing to landfills is not a good thing. Landfills emit gases, such as methane, which is not only highly flammable, but it’s also bad for your health. When inhaled, methane can cause cardiovascular problems. Landfills also leak polluted water, take up valuable space and contaminate nearby areas.

One of the best materials to use in construction is aluminum. Aluminum is 100 percent recyclable. When a building structure is constructed with aluminum, it can be torn down and reused to build yet another structure. This is called Lifecycle Building. Lifestyle Building encourages constructing buildings that provide resources for future buildings. Reusing building components reduces the energy and greenhouse gases emissions associated with producing and transporting building materials.

Perfection Architectural Systems are made of 99 percent aluminum extruded material, which is fully reusable and recyclable. We only use qualified vendors with documented recycling policies and material content. Our material orders are carefully measured and analyzed to ensure we use the proper amount so that there is very minimal waste, and all of our scrap materials are sent to recycling processing plants so they can be converted back into useable materials, eliminating the need for landfills.

At Perfection Architectural Systems, we are committed to the future of our planet for our families and children. All of our employees are eager to participate in energy conservation, green building, recycling and community volunteering. We encourage you to do the same.

If you have any questions regarding our materials or walkway covers, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System or our reuse and recycling tactics, please call us at (407) 671-6225.


Aluminum Sunshades for Sports Stadiums

Oh, the thrill of attending a good old-fashioned ballgame. Whether it’s little league, soccer, softball, football or professional baseball, everyone loves to be a spectator. However, the spectator experience can be diminished if the temperature outside reaches over 85 degrees. When attending a sporting event, fans want to focus on the game being played, not the temperature outside.

On hot days, nothing can be more uncomfortable than sitting in a stadium being burned by the sun. It’s important for patrons, and especially small children with young, sensitive skin, to protect themselves from extended sun exposure. As we all know, a little exposure to the sun is good. After all, the sun is a primary source of vitamin D, which helps our bones. But prolonged periods of time in the sun can lead to skin damage, eye damage, immune system suppression and skin cancer. Protecting our skin when outdoors on sunny days should always be our number one priority.

Aside from an air-conditioned outdoor stadium (the impossible!) every onlooker wants a little bit of shade. Being safe from the scorching sun and comfortable during an outdoor sporting event makes the whole experience worthwhile.

Perfection Architectural Systems builds custom aluminum sunshades that reduce heat gain by providing shade to block the sun’s harmful UV rays. Sunshades are aesthetically pleasing and can be built to match the design and style of any structure. Perfection sunshades are also cost effective, depending on the custom specifications chosen. Our sunshades are made with aluminum, which makes them easy to install, maintain and remove. Because aluminum is 99 percent recyclable, you can feel good knowing you’re helping the environment as well as providing much-needed shade for your customers.

Call us today at (407) 671-6225, and we can help you design and select the perfect aluminum sunshades for your outdoor sports stadium.


Aluminum Sunshades for Airports

One of the most stressful parts of travel is being at the airport. From lugging bags to and fro, to getting through security lines unscathed, to being at the right gate at the right time to catch an on-time flight – and that’s if all goes well. Airports are just naturally stressful places and anything that can be done to make the experience more comfortable is a welcomed thought.

Installing aluminum sunshades in key areas of the airport can create a more enjoyable experience for travelers. Perfection Architectural Systems can install sunshades in parking lots, along drop-off/pick-up areas, entrances/exits and walkways. Providing an aesthetically pleasing source of protection from the sun and its harmful rays can easily make a traveler’s experience much more enjoyable.

Perfection’s sunshades are made with an aluminum that’s durable, weather resistant and 99 percent recyclable. Sunshades are made with quality materials and expert workmanship. All sunshades are project-specific, engineered to withstand inclement weather and requirements mandated by your local building code. Our aluminum sunshades can be customized to fit your airport’s specific design requirements in both standard and custom finishes that are chosen based on the project location, finish durability and color selection. And because we’ve adopted green building strategies, as your airport grows, our aluminum sunshades can be easily torn down, recycled or reused, and moved, expanded or replaced to meet your needs.

An easy upgrade to any existing structure, Perfection’s sunshades can provide a great addition to many areas of an airport, elevating the traveling experience and enhancing the overall quality of the airport.

If you’d like to learn more about how Perfection Architectural Systems can help ease your travelers’ comfort and improve the overall aesthetics and utility of your airport, please call us at (407) 671-6225 or fill out our quick contact form and a knowledgeable representative will be happy to assist you.


The Benefits of Aluminum Walkway Covers For Your School

Keeping students and staff safe and protected is always a top priority for educators. One safety issue often overlooked is the weather.  Even on those beautiful, bright, sun-shiny days, care should be taken when outdoors. It’s important to shade yourself from the sun during the summer months and in areas with hot climates.

One of the best ways to obtain shade is to install aluminum walkway covers throughout your school. Students and staff do a lot of walking throughout the day, going from homeroom to classroom to lunch to P.E. to… well…everywhere else. And when students are waiting on the school bus or for carpool, they should be kept safely out of the sun due to their sensitive skin. Do students “hang out” before and after classes and during lunch break in sun-prone walkways? Consider these the perfect spots for aluminum walkway covers.

Staying cool and comfortable, and most importantly, out of the sun’s harmful UV rays, is a key safety matter. Walkway covers offer an aesthetically pleasing form of shade and protection that can be constructed to fit into the unique design of your school.

Now that we’ve discussed great weather, what about inclement weather? Do your staff and students find themselves running through the rain just to get from one place to another – arriving damp or drenched with soggy papers? Do they congregate in hallways, causing a potential fire-hazard, just to stay dry? Aluminum walkway covers can take that nightmare away! Perfection Architectural Systems offers long-lasting protection from harmful weather elements such as rain. Perfection walkway covers are also engineered to withstand high winds, heavy rains and snow – meanwhile meeting your area’s building code mandates.

What’s most fascinating about Perfection’s aluminum walkway covers is the cost. Walkway covers are a fraction of the cost compared with standard brick and mortar walkway solutions. And Perfection offers gorgeous custom designs with custom finishes that will enhance and not obstruct the view of your campus.

Call Perfection Architectural Systems at 800-238-7207 today to learn more about all of our products and what best fits your school’s needs.


Aluminum Walkway Covers

Picture this: You’re walking to your car from your office and you run into an old colleague. It’s a bright and sunny day, the temperature is about 92°F. The sun is beating down on the two of you so you decide to cut this trip down memory lane short because, well, the sun is beating down on the two of you. Wouldn’t this story seem more pleasant if only you both were standing under a covered walkway? Of course it would! No one really enjoys the sun beating down on them or rain falling down on them or snow or hail. Aluminum walkway covers eliminate being caught in these inclement weather situations. Even more importantly, covered walkways protect us from the sun’s harmful UV rays. As you probably know, UV rays are very dangerous and are a major cause of skin cancer.

Perfection’s aluminum walkway covers can withstand high heat, gusty winds, snow and heavy rains. They are also a great value when compared with traditional brick-and-mortar covered walkways. Aluminum walkway covers cost only a fraction of the price of brick-and-mortar ones. Another point of consideration is their adaptability. Aluminum walkway covers can be torn down much easier than brick-and-mortar walkways and the aluminum can be recycled should a business’ needs change.

Perfection Architectural Systems offers anodized aluminum, a process that makes aluminum stronger, more durable and able to retain dye colors without corroding, chipping or peeling. Designed by highly trained structural engineers, aluminum walkway covers are custom-designed to fit the specific aesthetics of your building and its natural surroundings. Not only sturdy and visually pleasing, Perfection’s walkway covers add an inviting element to your building by offering pedestrians a more enjoyable walk to and from your place of business.

Perfection’s maintenance-free walkways bring long-lasting value, quality and beauty for every business and building type.

Considering adding an aluminum walkway cover to your place of business, but are unsure of what type you need? Call Perfection Architectural Systems at 800-238-7207 and let us help you with your project.