Commercial canopies can be found on a number of businesses, from schools to shopping centers to office buildings. Canopies provide a number of benefits such as an improved appearance and energy conservation. These are commonly known benefits but often people have questions about the design, costs, and maintenance of commercial canopies.

Here are five of the most frequently asked questions (F.A.Q.s) that we receive here at Perfection Architectural Systems:

  1. How can you help me with my canopy needs? When we are first approached by potential clients we engage in a consultation that inquires about what a client is looking for in a canopy. Having a clear understanding of what kind of design, materials, and structure that you desire for your business will assist us in having a smooth transition into the installation process.
  2. What are my canopy options? We provide you with an array of design and structure options. Our team will partner with you to custom design a commercial canopy solution that will best serve your business needs.
  3. How long do commercial canopies typically last? With proper care and maintenance your aluminum awning should last the life of the building.
  4. How much will a commercial canopies cost? A commercial canopy is an investment. They range in price depending on your needs. Our team can narrow down what is going to serve your business best while keeping a sound budget in mind.
  5. How long will the process take? Every project is different. However, length of the project often depends on the materials that are involved and the size of space to be covered.

Overall, we want to ensure that your commercial canopy meets your business’s needs. We strive to meet your every satisfaction from concept to completion.  If you are ready to begin your commercial project here locally or internationally, contact Perfection Architectural Systems today.