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Why You Should Opt for Metal Awnings for Your Franchise Build-Out

As a franchise business owner, one of the first tasks on your business to-do list is, most likely, the construction and design of your business location. If you have decided to have a metal awning installed, then you’re off to a strong start when it comes to the overall design and appeal to your franchise. In your quest to narrow down what type of awning to have installed, now would be a prime time to consider selecting metal as your material of choice.

Metal can serve your franchise well due to its ability to set your organization apart with its unique curb appeal. If you select an awning with a design edge, then the clean metal’s sheen can truly enhance your buildings overall appearance. All of which can cause passerby traffic to take note and venture inside your establishment.

Another selling point for selecting metal for your commercial awning is the fact that it is made out of aluminum. As a metal it holds up very well in extreme weather. This may be of particular interest to you if your franchise is located in an area that experiences heavy rainfall, snow, or high temperatures throughout the year.

A metal awning also provides you with almost unlimited customization options. Metal awnings can be as specific as you desire. You can easily select an awning that matches your company colors or one that infuses your company’s logo on its exterior. These distinctions can add a level of memorability to your business in the eyes of potential customers.

After you’ve made the decision to use metal for your franchise’s awning,  partner with us to get the most attractive and affordable commercial canopy. Perfection Architectural Systems can also implement the same design with all of your franchise locations. Visiting our website today for more information on metal awnings.

What is Anodized Aluminum?

sunshadesIf you’ve never heard of anodized aluminum, you are probably not the only one. The process of anodizing aluminum increases the thickness of the natural oxide layer and increases corrosion resistance and wear resistance that will keep the aluminum from bending and deteriorating. Not only does this help lengthen the life of aluminum sunshades and any other anodized aluminum product, but it keeps the aluminum from oxidizing (similar to rusting).

Although many metals may be weakened by anodizing, aluminum is actually strengthened and made more durable. Anodized aluminum is popular in building structures and sunshades that are exposed to the elements because the aluminum will not corrode. Aluminum products that have been anodized can also be dyed and used for many different applications where durability is necessary.

Because anodized aluminum is corrosion resistant and has the ability to retain dye, you can find it on many consumer products like cookware, cameras, mp3 players, sporting goods, furniture and tools. Unlike other finishes, anodizing allows aluminum to maintain its metallic look; it gives your sunshades protection against UV rays and the dye won’t chip or peel.

With anodized metal awnings, maintenance is almost non-existent. Cleaning your anodized aluminum awnings only needs to be done with mild soap and water, and they won’t have to be replaced or repaired for many years.

At Perfection Architectural Systems, we provide a full range of anodized finishes as well as paint applications for the best options to fit your project. For long term aluminum canopy solutions and sunshades, Perfection Architectural Systems is the industry leader in aluminum architectural products for any application. Call us today at 800-238-7207 to learn more about our services and how we can help you with your long term aluminum canopy solutions.

5 Commercial Businesses That Can Benefit from Metal Awnings

Metal awnings are not only there for aesthetic purposes, but they also have several practical uses that can benefit nearly any business. Metal awnings can provide protection from UV rays, reduce your energy costs and add value to your property. Are you interested in the benefits of metal awnings for your business? Here are some commercial areas where metal awnings can be beneficial.

1. Hospitals and Medical Offices: You probably don’t often think about how metal awnings can be useful for hospitals, but they can actually provide many practical benefits. If patients and guests want a breath of fresh air, they can relax under the awnings. They can also provide protection for ambulances and injured patrons when they arrive at the hospital or clinic. Awnings can also be installed on the hospital windows to keep temperatures down within the building itself.

2. Hotels: Entrance awnings can be installed as a free-standing structure. They can be used by hotel staff to wait for patron arrivals. Metal awnings can create a waiting area outside of the hotel to protect guests and their belongings from adverse weather. They also add an aesthetic appeal to the building that attracts potential customers to the hotel.

3. Retirement Homes: Buses and guests can both be under the protection of metal awnings that accent a retirement community. Just like the hospitals, metal awnings can be attached to windows for energy saving purposes and to keep residents cooler. It also provides a getaway for residents who want to take a stroll outside.

4. Bars and Clubs: Metal awnings are aesthetically pleasing and can provide patrons with protection as they wait for their taxi to arrive. Do you provide seating outside of the building? Metal awnings can also add covering for those who wish to socialize outside.

5. Airports, Bus Stations and Bus Stops: People are always waiting at the airport for their vehicle to arrive to pick them up, so why not wait outside under the protection of a metal awning? Bus stations and bus stops also have potentially large crowds that could benefit from metal awnings. It provides for a great waiting area so you know exactly when your ride arrives.

There are an endless number of businesses that can benefit from metal awnings, and with our services at Perfection Architectural Systems, you can design an awning that can match your business. Call us today at 800-238-7207 to learn more about our metal awnings, canopies and sunshades, and the services we offer.

Outdoor Sunshade Uses for your Business

The outdoor area of any commercial business can use shade and cover to make the most out of your business entrance, lounging area, and even windows. The biggest question to ask yourself is, where will you need sunshade and what benefits can it bring you? There are a wide range of styles and models for any type of outdoor area, and each one can add a personalized touch to your business while adding variety and value to your property.

It’s recommended that you cover any type of lounging or sitting area with sunshades to protect patrons from the sun. Your restaurant could benefit from aluminum sunshades by covering outdoor seating. This can greatly increase your business and seating capacity in addition to giving your patrons protection from the sun and the option to dine outside. Sunshades are also a great addition to windows and entrances if you are a business owner looking to decrease your energy costs during the summer months.

Hotels and apartment complexes can also incorporate sunshades onto their property by having sunshades installed throughout the jacuzzi and pool deck. If your guests and residents want a place to relax outside without the sun beating down on them, sunshades can provide these popular areas with a getaway from the heat. Aluminum sunshades are also ideal because they don’t rust and they require little to no maintenance.

Sunshades are very suitable for open areas, especially for commercial properties that offer outdoor seating and lounging areas. It’s important for those who like spending time outside to be protected from the sun, and installing sunshades can help protect you against damaging UV rays. Aluminum sunshades can also decrease the temperature of the area by up to 20 degrees! You will feel the difference immediately after installing your aluminum sunshades.

If you’re looking for a great way of saving on energy costs, protecting guests from the sun, and adding value to your commercial property, Perfection Architectural Systems can provide your business with the most convenient and economical ways of enhancing your business. Call us today at 800-238-7207 to learn more about our aluminum awnings and sunshades, and the services we offer.

Commercial Canopies For Your Business

Commerical canopies are a great addition to any type of commercial property, and can not only be more cost-effective than garages, but they also automatically increase the value of your property. Aluminum carports can help protect vehicles from harsh elements, so it’s essential that you choose a carport that’s built to withstand these elements.

Commerical canopies are meant to last, require a minimum amount of maintenance and are created from high-grade aluminum to protect your car, boat, or motorcycle. Commercial businesses can benefit from carports by offering a covered area for those who would like to protect and maintain their vehicle.

Apartment complexes can offer carport services for a monthly fee while also improving the value of the property! You would more than likely get one hundred percent return on investment if your business or apartment complex had a carport fee to offer employees or residents.

If you’re investing in a commercial property, carports can be a much more beneficial and cost-effective option compared to garages. They are meant to withstand snow, rain and UV rays, and they are also mildew resistant and can be finished with a color that matches your business! A carport structure can be built within a matter of days, and compared to building garages, it is a fraction of time and money spent to protect your vehicle.

At Perfection Architectural Systems, we provide a variety of long-term aluminum solutions for your commercial business, including commercial canopies carports, metal awnings, sunshades, suspended canopies, pavilions and more. Call us today at 800-238-7207 to learn more about our canopy solutions and how we can get started on your next project.

Why You Should Invest in Metal Awnings for your Restaurant

There is nothing more important for a restaurant than its menu, but right behind that is the atmosphere and look of your business. Every detail surrounding your restaurant is there to build a unique and comfortable environment, and the curb appeal should be nothing short of intriguing. Metal awnings can make a unique and inviting first impression, and providing that initial welcome can be the key to sprucing up your business.

Metal awnings and canopies provide an inviting and welcoming dining experience that serve both aesthetic and practical purposes. Not only can you have your awning designed to match your brand, but they can also provide protection from the weather for guests waiting or walking in from outside. Compare your building with and without an awning. It’s more than likely that the appeal of your building will greatly increase! Awnings will help set the ambiance to what’s to come when guests enter your business and will attract attention and new customers to your restaurant.

Commercial canopies give your business extra room to serve guests and give customers the option to enjoy their meals outside. Every now and then we all enjoy eating our meals outside on a cool fall day! If you’re utilizing awnings outside of windows, you can also save money on your energy bill! Aluminum sunshades help deter the warmth of the sun and can help keep the temperatures inside cooler, which reduces the demands of your air conditioner.

Whether you’re investing in sunshades or canopies, you can’t go wrong with long term aluminum solutions to suit your business. Perfection Architectural Systems provides customers with high quality canopy solutions for any type of commercial project and can help design a structure that’s right for you. Call us at 800-238-7207 to learn more about our metal awnings.


3 Types of Awnings to Consider for your Business

Awnings provide many practical and aesthetic benefits for your business but have you thought about what type of material will be the best choice to enhance your building? Metal awnings and fabric awnings are both common throughout the industry and choosing one that adds the most value to your business can be a tough decision. Lets take a quick look at some pros and cons on the variety of materials that awnings can be made of!

Fabric Awnings

•    Pros: Fabric awnings are very popular and come in a variety of different designs and colors. They are often inexpensive and can be relatively easy to care for.

•    Cons: They do not typically stand up to mildew and mold and they don’t stand a chance of holding up to severe weather. They can easily rip and will require replacement more often than other materials.

Copper Awnings

•    Pros: They can be extremely durable and can last for years. They offer an aged look and can change color over time, which can be both a pro and a con, depending on the look you want to achieve.

•    Cons: They are typically the most costly option and can tarnish very easily. Copper awnings should be maintained frequently if you want to keep them looking like new.

Aluminum Awnings

•    Pros: Metal awnings provide energy saving benefits and can protect against UV rays. They are also inexpensive, lightweight, eco-friendly and can last for many years. Aluminum sun shades and awnings need little maintenance and can be painted to match the look of your business. Aluminum awnings will keep their look for many years and offer a clean and modern feel to your building.

•    Cons: They will require installation by an experienced contractor.

Metal awnings do not require much maintenance and can be the most inexpensive and cost-efficient option to improve your business both aesthetically and practically. If you’re looking for an aluminum canopy option for your business, Perfection Architectural Systems offers long term solutions for every project. Call us today at 800-238-7207 to get started on your next aluminum canopy solution.