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Points to Consider With Commercial Canopies

Deciding to add commercial canopies to your business establishment is not a decision that should be made lightly. There are a few factors that you should consider before you begin installation. These questions are necessary in order to guaranty that you are satisfied with your decision to install a commercial canopy.

A question that should be high on your list of considerations for your commercial canopy is in regards to weather. Take into account the nature of the weather in your locale. Are you located in a city where it rains year-round? Or what about an area that sees heavy snowfall several months out of the year? You want to make sure that the canopy you select can withstand the extreme weather that is common in your area.

Next, think about what you need your canopy to accomplish. What is the primary purpose for your installation? Do you desire a canopy primarily for aesthetics or does it serve a functional purpose? Answering this will assist you in narrowing down what materials or styles to consider.

Also, take into consideration the type of building you are having your commercial canopy installed on. Is your building a traditional office building with multiple floors? Or is it one level with vinyl siding? The type of building will impact the overall look and nature of your canopy.

Lastly, you need to consider and review your budget for your commercial canopy carefully. This is possibly your biggest consideration because canopies are an investment, and you want that investment to provide you with the best canopy, while being conscious of  your budget. Once you assess your budget, you will be able to have a clear and concise outlook for your commercial canopy options.

Hopefully, this overview has provided you with a good idea of the questions to ask in your pursuit of installing commercial canopies. Keep in mind that your canopy will be an investment. Also remember to think about the primary purpose your canopy will serve, and how complementary it will be to your building.

If you have any additional questions, rest assure that we have the answers. Contact Perfection Architectural Systems today and we will provide you with the outstanding service that your commercial canopy deserves.

Benefits of a Commercial Awning

If you have been considering whether to install a commercial awning at your storefront or entryway to your business, then you can take comfort in knowing that having one presents a number of benefits for your business. Let’s take a peek at two of the primary benefits to having a commercial awning.

  • Sprucing up the appearance of your business is one of the primary benefits to having a commercial awning. Commercial awnings can be totally customized to capture the personality of your business. By simply displaying your company logo, theme, or colors, bystanders will gain an understanding of your brand and its image.

  • Another benefit to having a commercial awning is that is saves you money on your energy bill. Awnings provide additional shade, like a natural cooling system, where your building is the most vulnerable: the windows.  Shading
    your windows has been proven to significantly reduce indoor temperatures,
    eliminating the need to run your air conditioning as long or as often. Less
    frequent use will help extend your HVAC system’s life. This is especially beneficial during the warmer months of the year.

Commercial awnings are a practical application with real world benefits. Ask yourself, what area of my business will be most impacted if I install a commercial awning. Having a solid and thought-out reason for installing an awning is crucial. Once you have, you can then take stock in the benefits that will result from your new commercial awning.

Want to learn more about the benefits of installing a commercial awning?  Contact Perfection Architectural Systems today. We provide commercial awnings, sunshades and canopies to companies locally as well as across the globe. We strive to install the perfect product based on your business’s needs.

Types of Commercial Awnings That Will Bring in More Customers

The curb appeal that commercial awnings deliver to your business can lead to an increase in customers. A design savvy awning enhances the overall visual presentation of your business, which will increase your company’s perceived value in the minds of potential customers. Therefore, it’s important to take even the smallest of details seriously.

Commercial awnings will help your business stand out. You can easily transform the appeal of your business, and attract more customers by using one of these three types of commercial awnings:

  • The colorful, eye-catching awning. Show some spunk and imagination by infusing your company’s colors into your exterior decor. Brightly colored, themed or striped awnings always add pizazz to the entryway of your business establishment. Commercial awnings that display design aesthetic allow business owners to truly inject some creativity and originality into the overall presence of their businesses.

  • The awning as signage. Another option is to have your company logo printed on the awning. You can also add your company phone number and website address under, beside, or above your logo to further brand your business. This could make a credible impression with customers. In order to have adequate printing done on your awning it is best to use fabric. While personalized printing is beneficial to advertising your company, fabric awnings are not as durable and lack the longevity of an aluminum awning.

  • Functional commercial awnings. Awnings are a smart and easy way to provide protection from rain, snow, and the blistering heat. When you install a commercial awning you are providing your potential and existing customers with a barrier from harsh weather. People will be more likely to look in your window or front door to see what type of products or services you offer while they recuperate. This can leave a lasting impression in the minds of your present and future customers.

Overall, the best rule of thumb to keep in mind is to have an awning that separates you from the crowd. No matter if it is with memorable colors, your company logo, or large enough to protect bystanders from extreme weather, either way, having a commercial awning will bring in more customers now and for years to come.

Are you ready to transform your business? Learn more about commercial awnings from Perfection Architectural Systems.

New USGBC Report Discusses LEED’s Impacts and Innovations

This past year has witnessed tremendous growth in the field of green design. Innovation and impact on a global scale with LEED projects can’t be denied. The most recent report from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) provides an in-depth overview of the gains made in green design over the past year as well as the direction it will be continuing to take in the coming years.

Several key milestones were cited in the report but perhaps the most insightful is the revelation that in 2012 and 2013, close to 89% of green industry professionals reported using at least one green product in new construction projects. This fact influences the resolve that over time green buildings yield lower operating costs. That variable alone is re-shaping the mindset on what it truly means to build “green.” Property managers are increasingly pushing the issue of operating costs to developers when it comes to building construction. The report reveals that this factor is being taken more into consideration by developers in order to forge stronger ties with property managers for future projects.

Additionally, the report specifies that when it comes to the biggest driver for building green, is client demand, which hovers around 35% with market demand coming in closely behind at 33 percent.

Lastly, the international growth of building green will see exponential growth. The USGBC report shares how many LEED certified firms anticipate that upwards of 60% of their projects will be green, projected as far out as 2015. Leading in the global arena is South Africa, where LEED firms there predict that their green building projects will triple through 2015. Germany, Norway, and Brazil expect to double their green building projects and the U.S. is estimating that slightly over 30 percent of their new building projects will be green.

Overall, USGBC report ushers in new insight into where the LEED industry is going in the near future, while highlighting major benchmarks that were met in 2013. Put further in perspective, the green building industry is growing more robust while reshaping the blueprint for an environmentally sound foundation in construction design.

Commercial Canopies For Your Business

Commerical canopies are a great addition to any type of commercial property, and can not only be more cost-effective than garages, but they also automatically increase the value of your property. Aluminum carports can help protect vehicles from harsh elements, so it’s essential that you choose a carport that’s built to withstand these elements.

Commerical canopies are meant to last, require a minimum amount of maintenance and are created from high-grade aluminum to protect your car, boat, or motorcycle. Commercial businesses can benefit from carports by offering a covered area for those who would like to protect and maintain their vehicle.

Apartment complexes can offer carport services for a monthly fee while also improving the value of the property! You would more than likely get one hundred percent return on investment if your business or apartment complex had a carport fee to offer employees or residents.

If you’re investing in a commercial property, carports can be a much more beneficial and cost-effective option compared to garages. They are meant to withstand snow, rain and UV rays, and they are also mildew resistant and can be finished with a color that matches your business! A carport structure can be built within a matter of days, and compared to building garages, it is a fraction of time and money spent to protect your vehicle.

At Perfection Architectural Systems, we provide a variety of long-term aluminum solutions for your commercial business, including commercial canopies carports, metal awnings, sunshades, suspended canopies, pavilions and more. Call us today at 800-238-7207 to learn more about our canopy solutions and how we can get started on your next project.

Why You Should Invest in Metal Awnings for your Restaurant

There is nothing more important for a restaurant than its menu, but right behind that is the atmosphere and look of your business. Every detail surrounding your restaurant is there to build a unique and comfortable environment, and the curb appeal should be nothing short of intriguing. Metal awnings can make a unique and inviting first impression, and providing that initial welcome can be the key to sprucing up your business.

Metal awnings and canopies provide an inviting and welcoming dining experience that serve both aesthetic and practical purposes. Not only can you have your awning designed to match your brand, but they can also provide protection from the weather for guests waiting or walking in from outside. Compare your building with and without an awning. It’s more than likely that the appeal of your building will greatly increase! Awnings will help set the ambiance to what’s to come when guests enter your business and will attract attention and new customers to your restaurant.

Commercial canopies give your business extra room to serve guests and give customers the option to enjoy their meals outside. Every now and then we all enjoy eating our meals outside on a cool fall day! If you’re utilizing awnings outside of windows, you can also save money on your energy bill! Aluminum sunshades help deter the warmth of the sun and can help keep the temperatures inside cooler, which reduces the demands of your air conditioner.

Whether you’re investing in sunshades or canopies, you can’t go wrong with long term aluminum solutions to suit your business. Perfection Architectural Systems provides customers with high quality canopy solutions for any type of commercial project and can help design a structure that’s right for you. Call us at 800-238-7207 to learn more about our metal awnings.


3 Major Benefits of Sunshades

Sunshades are a wonderful addition to any type of building, giving you a cost effective way to enhance your structure with a number of added benefits. Not only are sunshades extremely customizable, they can fit just about any type of structure, whether it’s for a restaurant or an office building. Whether you are just adding a little aesthetic enhancement to your building or you want to save energy costs, there are many benefits to incorporating sunshades to an existing structure.

They provide energy-saving benefits. Sunshades can offer between 30% and 60% reduction of direct sun absorption, and can reduce the amount of heat that the building absorbs. This results in less energy used to cool down the building!

Sunshades can protect from UV rays. If you’re taking a break outside, standing under a sunshade can provide you protection from the sun while enjoying a beautiful sunny day. This is a perfect addition to any office building for those taking breaks or lunches outside.

Aluminum sunshades are affordable and lightweight. They also add a nice touch to the look of a structure and can be installed just about anywhere. Sunshades are very customizable, and can be designed to match the look of your building.

Whether you are looking for a sunshade for aesthetic purpose or for money saving benefits, Perfection Architectural Systems helps you incorporate customizable sunshades into any type of project. Call us today at 800-238-7207 to get started on your next design!


Cleaning Aluminum Awnings and Canopies

Aluminum awnings and canopies are cost-effective way to help reduce indoor temperatures and to provide energy saving benefits to buildings and structures. You may not often think about how to clean aluminum canopies, but if not properly maintained, they can become dirty and damaged.

Make sure to keep trees and debris off of the aluminum structure to avoid damaging the paint or the finish. This can lead to oxidization, similar to rust in iron.

Remove as much dirt as possible with just water.You can purchase aluminum solvent to help ease the process of cleaning, or you can use a mild soap to wash off the remaining dirt.

Don’t leave any excess cleaning residue on the aluminum and be sure to rinse the aluminum thoroughly. A pressure cleaner is a common tool used to clean aluminum awnings. However, care should be taken to avoid damaging the canopy with high pressure.

Perfection Architectural Systems provides long-term canopy solutions for commercial projects that will exceed your expectations. Aluminum solutions can enhance the look of your business while providing you with energy saving benefits. Call us today at 800-238-7207 to learn more about how we can help you construct high quality aluminum awnings and canopies.


Aluminum Commercial Canopy Finishes

Choosing a finish for your commercial canopies or awnings may not be something that a lot of people consider when constructing a long term canopy solution. Depending on the project and requirements, aluminum canopies can have an anodized finish or a painted finish with a range of colors.

Paint or a anodized coating is generally applied to aluminum to protect it from oxidation. Which is the process in which oxygen molecules come in contact with something, in this case aluminum, and creates aluminum oxide, similar to when iron rusts. Painted finishes are available in a wide range of colors and durability. Kynar painted finishes are among the most durable painted finishes and is designed to resist weather, aging and salt. Painted finishes are especially resistant and are one of the best means of protecting your commercial canopies.

At Perfection Architectural Systems, we offer a variety of products that are available in an assortment of finishes. Our finishes meet the requirements of any project, while offering you a range of anodized finishes and paint applications to best suit your canopy solution. We construct high quality aluminum canopy solutions for every project while handling every task in a courteous and professional manner. Call us at 407-671-6225 to learn more about our commercial canopies and aluminum awnings and to start your project today.