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How Have Commercial Awnings Changed?

Commercial awnings, just like everything else, change over time. They change due to a number of factors and reasons from design to function. When considering commercial awnings, you will find that there a variety of different styles and materials available.  Storefronts have significantly changed over time, as commercial awnings have proved to have a variety of benefits for business owners and building managers.

The visual appeal of commercial awnings has improved tremendously over the years. Business owners now have limitless choices when it comes to the materials that can be used for their awnings. Awnings can also be highly customized based on a full array of sizes and colors.

Commercial awnings have also experienced a pleasant change in the areas of comfort and protection. The basic promise and appeal that awnings serve is to provide either shade or a protective cover from rain, sleet, or snow. Now, awnings are being taken to an even higher technical level. They are being engineered to consider not just the elements of weather that people seek shelter from, but how people seek shelter. Often times people use awnings as a waiting area, especially in high-traffic urban areas. Therefore, this has inspired engineers and awning manufacturers to design awnings that feel more welcoming.

One of the most innovative ways that commercial awnings have changed is in the area of energy efficiency. Having an awning that is constructed to serve as an energy saver is not only wise ecologically, but it also provides a huge savings in electricity for businesses.

Another interesting change in the production of todays commercial awnings is in the ability to customize your awning with graphics. Now businesses can add special touches such as their logo or website address to their awnings in a number of different colors and fonts, all thanks to graphic design technology. Awnings can now be used as building decor and as branding elements on top of all their other functions.

If you are an architect, construction manager, or business owner, consider adding a commercial awning for your latest project. The benefits are numerous and endless. For more information, contact the awning professionals at Perfection Architectural Systems.

Choosing the Right Commercial Awning

Not only do commercial awnings have practical and aesthetic purposes, but they are also economical as well. It’s not surprising that you may be considering a commercial awning for your business, but now comes another difficult decision–which one should you choose?

When trying to decide which awning to choose, review your personal and business’ needs. Also ask yourself if you’d like your awning to have any special features. Keep in mind that commercial awnings are a sound and practical investment. They can reduce your energy costs considerably and they can also protect your furniture, floors, and even indoor carpets from sun damage.

Studies by the American Society of Heating and Air Conditioning Engineers reveals that when the sun shines directly on south-facing windows, metal awnings reduce heat gain by 55 to 65 percent. For western exposure, the reduction is as high as 72 to 77 percent! This reason alone makes it easy to justify installing an awning at your place of business.

When making stylistic decisions regarding your awning, you have a variety of options to choose from. First, think about the direction that the awning will face in relation to the windows at your place of business. Knowing this will allow you to keep in mind weather patterns as well. A culmination of all these elements will affect the performance of your awning and energy bill savings down the line.

Even the size and shape of your awning can impact its ability to cool your business efficiently. An awning is designed to dissipate heat buildup and the size will play a major role in how quickly that happens. Also, select a shape that best suits the window or windows that are being protected.

Lastly, you want to consider selecting a metal that will aesthetically appeal to your business. This will not only make your building stand out, but it will increase your brand’s awareness.

The choices are endless, and no matter what you choose, we guarantee that you will reap every practical, financial and aesthetic benefit of your commercial awning. For more information on what type of commercial awning will work best for your business, contact the awning professionals at Perfection Architectural Systems.

Benefits of Adding Commercial Awnings

Installing a commercial awning to your business location holds tremendous benefits, and these benefits surpass the obvious ocular enhancements.  When making the decision to install a commercial awning, these benefits should be taken into consideration. While an awning does give new life to the outside of your business, their value goes even further than aesthetics and enters the realm of functionality and brand management.

One of the primary benefits of installing a commercial awning is that they can add a branding and advertising boost to your business. A savvy and well-designed commercial awning can include everything from your businesses’ colors and  logo, to your company web address and contact information. All of these subtle touches can enhance your marketing efforts. They help to set your company apart in the minds of potential and existing customers. Any opportunity where you can stand out, and usher in more memorability with your target market will go a long way. By adding a commercial awning, you are positioning your business to be able to capitalize on such opportunities.

Another strong benefit of adding a commercial awning is that they can earn you LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) points on your construction plan. This can be very instrumental if you are aiming to build and then maintain a highly-energy efficient building. Being aware of your carbon footprint is not just a growing trend. It is becoming the standard for how businesses construct their buildings. A commercial awning will give your building an edge with customers who are eco-conscious.

A commercial awning will also help you control the amount of sun that enters into your building. In time, this could save you money on your energy bill. Considering that a commercial awning is an investment, you want to evaluate the potential returns that you will gain from your investment. Saving on your energy costs will provide you with considerable savings that can be focused on other company expenses later.

Take time to consider the benefits of adding a commercial awning to your place of business. If you have any additional questions, or are ready to install a commercial awning, contact Perfection Architectural Systems. We specialize in providing engineered and long-term canopy solutions, and we’re here to help you.

Benefits of a Commercial Awning

If you have been considering whether to install a commercial awning at your storefront or entryway to your business, then you can take comfort in knowing that having one presents a number of benefits for your business. Let’s take a peek at two of the primary benefits to having a commercial awning.

  • Sprucing up the appearance of your business is one of the primary benefits to having a commercial awning. Commercial awnings can be totally customized to capture the personality of your business. By simply displaying your company logo, theme, or colors, bystanders will gain an understanding of your brand and its image.

  • Another benefit to having a commercial awning is that is saves you money on your energy bill. Awnings provide additional shade, like a natural cooling system, where your building is the most vulnerable: the windows.  Shading
    your windows has been proven to significantly reduce indoor temperatures,
    eliminating the need to run your air conditioning as long or as often. Less
    frequent use will help extend your HVAC system’s life. This is especially beneficial during the warmer months of the year.

Commercial awnings are a practical application with real world benefits. Ask yourself, what area of my business will be most impacted if I install a commercial awning. Having a solid and thought-out reason for installing an awning is crucial. Once you have, you can then take stock in the benefits that will result from your new commercial awning.

Want to learn more about the benefits of installing a commercial awning?  Contact Perfection Architectural Systems today. We provide commercial awnings, sunshades and canopies to companies locally as well as across the globe. We strive to install the perfect product based on your business’s needs.

Types of Commercial Awnings That Will Bring in More Customers

The curb appeal that commercial awnings deliver to your business can lead to an increase in customers. A design savvy awning enhances the overall visual presentation of your business, which will increase your company’s perceived value in the minds of potential customers. Therefore, it’s important to take even the smallest of details seriously.

Commercial awnings will help your business stand out. You can easily transform the appeal of your business, and attract more customers by using one of these three types of commercial awnings:

  • The colorful, eye-catching awning. Show some spunk and imagination by infusing your company’s colors into your exterior decor. Brightly colored, themed or striped awnings always add pizazz to the entryway of your business establishment. Commercial awnings that display design aesthetic allow business owners to truly inject some creativity and originality into the overall presence of their businesses.

  • The awning as signage. Another option is to have your company logo printed on the awning. You can also add your company phone number and website address under, beside, or above your logo to further brand your business. This could make a credible impression with customers. In order to have adequate printing done on your awning it is best to use fabric. While personalized printing is beneficial to advertising your company, fabric awnings are not as durable and lack the longevity of an aluminum awning.

  • Functional commercial awnings. Awnings are a smart and easy way to provide protection from rain, snow, and the blistering heat. When you install a commercial awning you are providing your potential and existing customers with a barrier from harsh weather. People will be more likely to look in your window or front door to see what type of products or services you offer while they recuperate. This can leave a lasting impression in the minds of your present and future customers.

Overall, the best rule of thumb to keep in mind is to have an awning that separates you from the crowd. No matter if it is with memorable colors, your company logo, or large enough to protect bystanders from extreme weather, either way, having a commercial awning will bring in more customers now and for years to come.

Are you ready to transform your business? Learn more about commercial awnings from Perfection Architectural Systems.

Improve the Curb Appeal for Your Business

Location, location, location, is not the age-old adage when it comes to business locale for no reason. The location of your business can easily take your business to the next level or hinder its growth.

Yet, not enough business owners take into consideration the potential power that curb appeal can bring to the location of their business.  Thinking strategically about how your business looks from the outside can add a layer to the perceived value of your business by potential customers and clients.

In order to bring in the best results, you need to think creatively but also as a consumer.  Keep these suggestions in mind when considering the curb appeal of your business:

  • Accessibility should be a primary concern in your quest to beautify the curbside of your business.  Keep in consideration all of your potential customers and clients. Having clear access to your business for those that are handicapped or disabled will signal that safety is a priority for you as a business owner.

  • Using ramps that are well crafted with premium concrete and possibly, painted will enhance this area of your entrance.

  • Create direction with your curbside appeal.

  • It should go without saying that you want your customers and clients to enter into your place of business. But think of the psychology of doing business in this area of your curb design. You want customers to have a clear sense of where they are going to do business.

  • Customers should not be mislead or find it challenging to enter your establishment.  If they do, you will have to work that much harder to gain their business or satisfaction, once they do enter your establishment.

  • Create a mood with your curbside appeal.

  • Think of paint colors, greenery, plants, and brick choice, that all yield a sense of welcome to consumers. When you present an entrance that sets a serene mood with customers and clients, they will be more apt to comfortably do business with you.

  • Lastly, consider commercial awnings to help improve the overall look, as well as help to save money on your energy bill.

Overall, the curb appeal that you create with your business can compliment your location and the position of your business. It will establish your organization as a go to destination for customer satisfaction and loyalty for years to come. All it takes is a little imagination and strategy in its design.

New USGBC Report Discusses LEED’s Impacts and Innovations

This past year has witnessed tremendous growth in the field of green design. Innovation and impact on a global scale with LEED projects can’t be denied. The most recent report from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) provides an in-depth overview of the gains made in green design over the past year as well as the direction it will be continuing to take in the coming years.

Several key milestones were cited in the report but perhaps the most insightful is the revelation that in 2012 and 2013, close to 89% of green industry professionals reported using at least one green product in new construction projects. This fact influences the resolve that over time green buildings yield lower operating costs. That variable alone is re-shaping the mindset on what it truly means to build “green.” Property managers are increasingly pushing the issue of operating costs to developers when it comes to building construction. The report reveals that this factor is being taken more into consideration by developers in order to forge stronger ties with property managers for future projects.

Additionally, the report specifies that when it comes to the biggest driver for building green, is client demand, which hovers around 35% with market demand coming in closely behind at 33 percent.

Lastly, the international growth of building green will see exponential growth. The USGBC report shares how many LEED certified firms anticipate that upwards of 60% of their projects will be green, projected as far out as 2015. Leading in the global arena is South Africa, where LEED firms there predict that their green building projects will triple through 2015. Germany, Norway, and Brazil expect to double their green building projects and the U.S. is estimating that slightly over 30 percent of their new building projects will be green.

Overall, USGBC report ushers in new insight into where the LEED industry is going in the near future, while highlighting major benchmarks that were met in 2013. Put further in perspective, the green building industry is growing more robust while reshaping the blueprint for an environmentally sound foundation in construction design.