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Why Build Green?

In the United States, the EPA reports that buildings account for 39% of total energy used, 12% of the total water consumption, 68% of total electricity consumption and 38% of the carbon dioxide emissions. That’s why it’s so important that we all begin building in more efficient, “greener” ways in order to reduce waste and save precious energy for a cleaner world.

The construction industry has an enormous impact on the natural environment, human health and the economy. Green building strategies can help to make economic and environmental performance more effective. That’s why the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System was created. LEED is an internationally recognized program that helps builders identify and implement practical green building design features, and also provides maintenance instruction. The certification program uses third-parties to verify builders are using environmentally sustainable practices.

Building greener begins with using recyclable materials. Perfection Architectural Systems fully endorses the greener building challenge with our use of aluminum, which is one of the most reusable, recyclable building materials available at this time. Because aluminum is 100% recyclable, it can be used again, for another building after being torn down. Aluminum can be reshaped into different designs for subsequent building projects with minimal waste. Not only is aluminum more economic and environmentally friendly, but it is also extremely durable and sustainable, and that allows for minimal maintenance repairs.

Choose Perfection Architectural Systems for your commercial aluminum walkway cover project to help ensure that you will have minimal maintenance and minimal impact on the environment. We stand behind our commitment of quality materials and superior customer service. For more information about our products and services, our green initiatives or LEED information, please call us at (407) 671-6225 and we will be happy to assist you.

What is Lifecycle Building?

Also known as design for disassembly and design for deconstruction, lifecycle building encourages creating buildings that provide resources for future buildings.  Building material recovery and reuse reduces energy and resource consumption.

Lifecycle building is used because more than 100 million tons of building-related construction and demolition debris are sent to landfills in the United States each year. Reusing building components reduces the energy and greenhouse gases emissions associated with producing and transporting building materials.

Perfection Architectural Systems are in compliance with lifecycle building using 99% of aluminum-extruded material, which is completely recyclable and reusable. We are committed to not only providing the best quality materials and workmanship, but also to responsible, green building practices. About 80% of aluminum used in construction is recycled at some point in the life of the project.  Nearly all of the Perfection aluminum walkway covers ever produced are still being used today, and will be reused tomorrow.

Responsible building practices start with ordering the right amount of materials so there’s less unused or discarded supplies. Perfection’s material orders are carefully analyzed to determine proper raw material lengths to prevent wasted material.  Excess scrap is reduced through our exclusive Perfection Data Management material ordering process.  All scrap aluminum is shipped back to designated aluminum recycling processing plants, where it’s then converted back into useable shapes of aluminum, eliminating the impact on our landfills.

As an industry leader, Perfection Architectural Systems exemplifies its commitment to environmental stewardship through lifecycle building with our walkway covers canopies and aluminum sunshades. We are proud that sustainability is one of our core values, and we share that value among our employee culture.

If lifecycle building is important to you and your company, and you have an upcoming project, please call us at 800-238-7207 and learn more about all of our green initiatives, LEED certification, our sustainable products and services, and most importantly what best fits your needs.

Reusing Aluminum

Did you know that between the years of 2000 and 2030 about 27 percent of existing buildings will be replaced? Most of the building materials and debris will end up in our landfills, adding to a growing problem of pollution. Obviously, contributing to landfills is not a good thing. Landfills emit gases, such as methane, which is not only highly flammable, but it’s also bad for your health. When inhaled, methane can cause cardiovascular problems. Landfills also leak polluted water, take up valuable space and contaminate nearby areas.

One of the best materials to use in construction is aluminum. Aluminum is 100 percent recyclable. When a building structure is constructed with aluminum, it can be torn down and reused to build yet another structure. This is called Lifecycle Building. Lifestyle Building encourages constructing buildings that provide resources for future buildings. Reusing building components reduces the energy and greenhouse gases emissions associated with producing and transporting building materials.

Perfection Architectural Systems are made of 99 percent aluminum extruded material, which is fully reusable and recyclable. We only use qualified vendors with documented recycling policies and material content. Our material orders are carefully measured and analyzed to ensure we use the proper amount so that there is very minimal waste, and all of our scrap materials are sent to recycling processing plants so they can be converted back into useable materials, eliminating the need for landfills.

At Perfection Architectural Systems, we are committed to the future of our planet for our families and children. All of our employees are eager to participate in energy conservation, green building, recycling and community volunteering. We encourage you to do the same.

If you have any questions regarding our materials or walkway covers, the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building Rating System or our reuse and recycling tactics, please call us at (407) 671-6225.