Commercial Canopies

two-teir sunshade system attached to side of building

upwards look of the underneath of a sunshade system
red sunshades constructed above windows

Commercial canopies are an integral part of any significant event. Canopies can provide a beautiful, memorable setting for your special occasion. Having the right canopy for the job is essential, as canopies can add a sense of elegant style that enhances any environment, meanwhile adding protection for guests. Not only can canopies be aesthetically pleasing, but they can also aid in energy conservation.

Perfection Architectural Systems is a leader in long-term aluminum canopy solutions serving several states in the U.S. We offer flat-roof, suspended and pitched-roof canopy solutions to businesses looking for a cost-effective way to enhance their building and lower their energy costs.

Designed for style and functionality, our suspended canopies provide excellent protection from the elements without the need for columns or foundations. Our suspended canopy systems are available in a variety of standard and custom finishes, tailored to fit the unique specifications of your project. Click here to see a list of available finishes for all Perfection Architectural System products.

Key Design Elements are the mainstay of Perfection’s success in the walkway cover industry. When you choose Perfection as your canopy provider, you choose a team of individuals who are dedicated to designing specific enhancements to your project, providing long-lasting value, quality and aesthetics. Perfection has been in business for over 20 years and has an impeccable customer satisfaction record, which keeps our customers coming back for repeat-business.

Whether gable-style or sloped, pitched-roof walkway covers add a distinctive flare to any site. Perfection Walkway Cover and Canopy Systems are equipped with the original, Rigid Roll Lock Deck System, which   ensures deck components are securely attached to each other, eliminating potential installation errors and providing years of maintenance-free service and extreme durability.

Learn more about our commercial canopy solutions today! Trust the team at Perfection to develop an affordable plan to offer value-added, distinctively designed features for your project. Call us at 407-671-6225.



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